Riad Zitoune Lakdim

Derb Chaabane 10a

40000 Marrakech – Medina

Our menu

Main Dishes:
Tagine Barkouk with tender beef, prunes and apricots Couscous with beef, chicken or vegetarian
Homemade Ravioli stuffed with spinach
Stuffed Aubergine with Couscous
Salade with chicken breast and grilled veggies...
Starters we serve:
Kefta in Tomatosauce
Zuccini Schnitzel
Grilled vegetables
Moroccan Salads...and more

Our Menu

Some Mains:
Tajine Barkouk with tender beef, apricots, prunes and nuts
Stuffed Aubergine with Couscous
Homemade Ravioli with spinach
Salade with chicken breast and grilles veggies
Salade fraicheur with Avocado, Orange, Grapefruit and black sesame
Chickpea Curry with cocosmilk
Some starters:
Kefta in tomato sauce
Zuccini schnitzel
Moroccan Salads with beetroot, aubergine, green beans and pumpkin sesame paste...

Dakhla Tiger Prawns and vegetables in tempura with rice

Moroccan Salad with Zalook, Pumkin Sesame Paste, Green Beans and Beetroot Salade


Coffee and traditional herbal Moroccan Teas
Moroccan pastry and housemade cakes

Daily Menu

Starter, Main Course and Dessert

22,- EUR

Sandwich with Kefta, the stuffed aubergine and of course the delicious Kaiserschmarrn are our favorites
*Dakhla Tiger Prawns in tempura with vegetables and basmati rice *Cafe Munich Salade with chicken breast, grilled veggies and parmesan
Daily Menu
Main Course

22,- EUR
All dishes can be ordered for take away